About Us

The first time I met an Afghan was in 1989 when, at the age of 12, I came across Fulvio & Simona D'Andrea,owners of the kennel "Kouros".I was totally fascinated by this breed, so I started collecting all infos about it and started going to Shows and Breed Specialties. I bought my first Afghan Puppy from Kouros, seven years later.She was the Black/Tan bitch, Ch Kouros My Way, with whom I started to attend shows often. "Greta" becameJunior Club Champion in 1997. Later, she became Italian & International Champion, making me so proud and satisfied. I could never change my mind about them: I was and still am, bewitched by their eyes and their  way of doing things....




Later, Kouros Hanna became a member of the family ( herself a Producing Champion), and then her daughter, It & Int Ch Kouros Imagine, her son It Ch Kouros That's Amore,  not forgetting... Cello, Alida, Gandalf, Dasy, Shakka, Limone, Morgan, Banou....from my  first two litters. The Family grows ,as does my love for  the breed; Every new day, through strain and effort, but also satisfaction, the kennel improves itself, striving to breed beautiful, healthy dogs with great temperament.



Our dogs live with the family, socializing with people and children; they have huge green fields to run, but also comfortable couches to relax on. They're on a healthy, balanced diet that suits their needs. Every day they go for long walks to keep fit and healthy.  In fact, in my opinion, success also depends on the dog's mental and physical wellbeing,  and this is known to be proven.



The job of selection goes through illusions, disappointments, glory and defeats. But what satisfacts the most is to know we've done a good job.  

That's why my motto is: "The feeling that derives from a well dealt competition is more important than any medal"

(Berthalan De Nemethy).